Amid diminishing bottom lines and escalating costs, the business industry is hit with a spate of challenges such as:

- Retarding Statutory regulations
- Lowering of Revenue due to competition
- Increase in operating expenses
- High energy costs
- Lack of adequate manpower & skill sets required for reports, analytics.
- Loss due to cash-flow issues

Simpex provides assistance to healthcare providers through strong compliance programs and improved technology, finance and revenue cycle efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in improved operational performance and lower costs.

We understand the challenges faced by companies. Our professionals help providers achieve growth and profitability through effective systems and data management in various areas

Revenue Enhancement

Though it is the earnest desire of every company to enhance the quality of services they offer, the reality today is that each day throws up a new challenge. Our focus with various solutions is to reduce the operations and administrative costs, enhance the efficiencies, streamline the business and manage implicit costs.

Some of the measures taken by Simpex to face these challenges are as follows:

  • Pre-built Process Asset Based Solutions – With a focus on process improvements and business outcomes we have developed oseveral solutions based on process assets through a dedicated solution development organization.
  • Industry Focused & Platform Based Solutions - We provide integrated IT and BPO SLAs and innovative pricing/commercial models for our key clients.
  • Driving Predictable Business Outcomes - Leveraging technology, tools, and analytics we help customers transform operations onsite before shifting to vendor. Our industry specialists along with the Simpex consulting group enable this transformation.
  • Delivering Insights & Measurable Business Impact through Business value meter – We have delivered over value to several clients. Our one stop shop tracks and reports the value delivered to customer through process re-engineering. We believe in ROI.
  • Standardized Processes across Expanding Global Locations – We deliver 24X7 operations through one standardized global process.

Simpex’s service offerings reflects our deep understanding of industry business needs.